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In the first half of our province industrial and technological upgrading investment rising steadily

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June 1 - the province's industrial and technological upgrading the overall investment stable growth, investment scale, investment structure continuously optimize, starts the number increases.

  (1) industrial investment steady growth. Between January and June, the province's industrial investment 486.06 billion yuan, up 13% from a year earlier, faster than the same period last year dropped 2.3%, than in the first five months rose 0.1%. Accounts for 44.1% of investment in fixed assets, compared with the same period last year dropped by 0.1%.  

(2) technical transformation investment better progressly. The provincial technical transformation completed investment of 269 billion yuan, increased by 15.7%, than in the first five months rose 0.1%. Accounting for 55.3% of the industrial investment, than the same period last year increased by 1.3%. Technical transformation investment accounted for ascension that strengthening enterprise teaching reform, industrial investment accelerated effectively. 

 (3) enterprise self-raised funds rate drop, high proportion. Between January and June, industrial investment 500.8 billion yuan, increased by 6.2%, down 3.4% year-on-year. Among them, the enterprise self-raised funds of 467.22 billion yuan, increased by 7%, fell 6.7% year on year; Accounted for 93.3%, year-on-year increase of 0.8%.

  (4) equipment manufacturing and other key industries is growing rapidly. Technical transformation investment structure was further improved. Equipment manufacturing, food, medicine, light industry, textile industry in June 1 - technical renovation investment growth of 20.1%, 30.6% and 24.8%, growth is higher than the entire province average level. High value-added high technical content in the equipment manufacturing industry of universal equipment, special equipment manufacturing industry increased by 19.9% and 36.4%, respectively, 4.2 and 20.7% higher than the entire province. Oil processing and coking processing and smelting non-ferrous metal rolling cooling energy-intensive industry such as investment, dropped 37.6 and 3% respectively.

  (5) the number keeps growing new development. The province's industrial projects under construction in the first half of 10818, up 11.4%. New projects 7462 of them, year-on-year increase of 1661, the growth of 28.6%, 17.2% higher than the project under construction. New start the number is growing rapidly, the project under construction and reserves in good condition, will provide certain support for the follow-up investment growth.

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