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Pet supplies, pet urine pad industry trend in the us market

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      Future tax department will consider the corresponding policies and measures, clear concept, types, scope, pet, strengthen management for pet consumption tax monitoring. Pet supplies include food, cleaning products and ancillary products, in the market segmentation, pet cleaning products accounted for 5%; Pet food is about 70%, but the pet food market for multinational companies, the development opportunities limited; The accessory products occupy 25% of the pet supplies market, totaling more than 12000 kinds. Including dog basket, cat cushion, pet toys, saddle basket, turtle crawling field, fish tank; Also includes how to feed the pet tape, tape, books, etc. Pet accessories market, in the retail, pet products according to the following categories: divided into dogs ancillary supplies; The cat accessory; Cat, dog clean supplies; Other small animals ancillary supplies; Amphibians, and insects such as ants and coleoptera, spider type classes such as scorpions and spiders, reptiles supplies; Caged birds, birds, wild birds and other supplies; Fresh water or salt water fish supplies; For pet and master of gifts, souvenirs. Pet accessory products sales of the largest cat mat, Europe's retail sales of 120 tons, in the United States in the cat mat retail sales of $100 million. 
    Global pet accessories market size is about 1999 $15 o, two-thirds of the market share in North America dominated Western Europe; In central and eastern Europe (especially Brazil) emerging markets; Japan, Australia, South Africa market is developing. China is one of the pet accessory products exporter, current production of pet accessory products are mainly exported to the United States and northern Europe, the main products are: dog, cat with collar, leash, clothing, toys, etc.; Dog molar leather goods; Horse or small animal cage plastic ornaments or other special wood. Pet ancillary supplies production whether the use of raw materials, work fine, the production and supply source country, etc., all have influence on prices.


more than 50% of profit, if there is a kind of remote control electronic dog collars, can make dog standing just standing, say drop down, the U.S. collar the profit of 200%. Because of pet accessories consumer doesn't care about the brand, so, as long as the market to develop well the Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the industry, will be very beneficial.

With the rising number of pet, the pet increased from $23 billion in 1998 spending up to $2007 in 2007, in 2008 the American pet consumption is expected to total 43.4 billion dollars, which in addition to the pet food, pet medical treatment related consumption proportion is the largest. In addition, pet grooming and boarding in the United States also formed a certain scale of industry, and build the value of about $3 billion a year.

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