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Pet and pet industry fashion consumer groups

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In recent years, in each big city suburb, keeping pets has become a fashion, as dog breed of large, into the size of the canine breeding has hundred, corresponding pet hospital, pet food, pet supplies store, pet salon also arises at the historic moment, and have their own fixed consumer groups. In our country, the pet health nurse career prospects will be very bullish. His main work: (1) the pets and disease prevention; (2) daily health care and management for pet; (3) to scientific hairdressing pet (non-surgical class); (4) pet on-site rescue for injuries, illness nursing, postoperative nursing and rehabilitation care. At present our country the number of people engaged in pet services has soared to more than 100, is engaged in the pet medical and nursing personnel accounts for about 10%. Relatively developed foreign pet services, pet industry hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Pet doctors, pet beautician, pet photographer, such as demand and derivative industry although young, but need high gold content technology, only from the pet hospital management status quo, pet ownership is a month for pet hair, as a routine inspection, takes nearly hundred yuan, the average consumption in 300 yuan. Even some pet hospital services includes sale of pet and pet supplies and food sales, master out hosting, pet grooming, etc.

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