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Pet cushion, pet industry's impact on society

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The pet industry's impact on society Pets bring harmony, sense of responsibility, to relieve the pressure of life and loneliness, increase the employment opportunities and incomes, provides a more broad space for consumption activities, and even enhance the communication between people, these positive factors are not allow to ignore. Pet while increasing interest to people's life, but we have to face is including zoonoses, SARS brings panic, pet feces pollution, non-standard "pet clip joint", and pet welfare issues and such social problems as cruelty to animals.  
    Psychological expert analysis, the pet boom, and stems mainly from several mentality: strengthen the sense of security; In order to profit; Fashion consumption (but these are the people who keep a pet in make up only a small percentage), more and more people are in order to comfort the hearts of lonely, looking for passion. These people have the retirees, also have a good family full-time housewife. They live free and narrow social circles, there is not enough communication space, pets will become the best "partners". But there are a lot of stray dogs, cats and small animal abuse, in China, the animal welfare is still considered to be too futuristic, some time ago, "Beijing animal health ordinance (draft)" is for "abuse of abandoned animals, is going to be a fine of up to 10000 yuan" and humane way to transport the provisions, such as the slaughter of animals and was questioned by some experts and a lot of opposition.

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