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Diapers use problem of 1. Diapers will affect a baby's skin?

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A large number of scientific research results show that the diapers can keep baby dry skin, effectively avoid skin contact with the diapers in urine long due to the excessive moisture, wet diaper rash is often induced first and the most important factor, because it make the skin more abrasion, stimulated, conducive to the growth of bacteria. Disposable diapers special absorbent, can keep moisture and skin contact.

2. The diapers to the growth environment of the baby's health?

Diapers can provide baby with the growth of a more hygienic environment, because it is better than traditional diapers can reduce the spread of bacteria and pollution of excrement and urine, survey results show that the use of diapers in baby toys and articles for daily use, fecal bacteria than using traditional diaper baby is much less.

3. High quality sleep can give water imbibition baby diapers?

Research data show that the use of water absorbing capacity and flow back small high quality disposable diapers, can provide a make hip for baby skin dry environment fully, make baby won't always feel damp, discomfort, and decrease the number by wet to wake up, sleep time is longer than using traditional diaper baby, help baby sleep more sweet.

4. Children use diapers for diaper dermatitis?

Children with diaper dermatitis, this is contact dermatitis is a kind of special type, the main reason is caused by the improper use of diapers. On the care should first choose better quality, better air permeability, and will not reverse osmosis diapers; And often want to change, especially cannot let baby's hips were soaked in faeces, keep dry.

5. Bring the baby to the outside can also be convenient and save time?

For baby to wear diapers is both clean and comfortable, it's much more better than baby clip piece of diapers. At the same time also avoid some very awkward situation.

6. It can save time to help new parents contact relationship with the baby?

Use diapers can fast and convenient to handle the baby "pull" problem, can make more time to rest the novice parents and babies contact feelings, rather than the time cost in endless clean diapers.

7. Before changing diapers parents need to pay attention to?

With water and soap to wash their hands before every changing diapers, avoid bacterial contamination urine trousers.

Changing diapers before or after defecate, please use neutral soap and warm water to clean the baby hips, and dry.

8. What circumstances there will be a diaper rash?

Diapers for disposable hygiene supplies, do not use overtime, to prevent leakage or produce diaper rash, please timely change clean diapers, keep the skin dry and clean.

9. If allergic phenomenon?

Use diapers, if discover the baby skin have allergic phenomenon, please stop using immediately.

Mom can change another brand to use, may not allergic. Or, use alternately with cloth diapers for a period of time, maybe the baby will soon adapt.

10. Mother pick diapers need according to the season?

Baby discharge is very irregular, again careful mother also can't be the elimination of the baby at any time control of the situation, so in the selection of diapers, can't only pay attention to the thickness and water absorption intensity, and for the baby skin and summer climate characteristics, choose light and for baby diapers.

11. The current diapers can play a protective role?

Experienced mother when choosing diapers, selection of diapers is most concerned about is clingy baby fart fart no fabric layer can effectively block urine baby fart fart incentives.

It is worth noting that the high quality diapers generally add natural skin care ingredients in this layer of non-woven fabric, contains moisturizing ingredients to form a layer of soft layer.

12. How to choose the right quality diapers?

Is the most reliable principle, formal shopping malls and supermarkets to reputable retail sites to choose and buy, at the same time also remember to choose those products of well-known enterprises.

Read the instructions carefully before buying, and see if it meets the above two aspects, if it is spring and summer, must be careful not to buy to thick for use in autumn and winter.

13. Diapers of non-woven?

Namely not cloth, not paper, is a synthetic chemical fiber instead of plant fiber, but belong to textiles.

14. How to change a diaper?

Newborn due to the bladder is not fully developed, urinate in the body can not be stored for a long time, so the diaper change more frequently. Generally need to be replaced every half hour at a time or four times a day is normal.

Can change the 6 to 7 times a day, at the beginning of the baby grew up, gradually changed to 4 times a day. The overseas mother, on the use of diapers do not control number.

15. Wet shows how be to return a responsibility?

This is a meet in diapers to join a urine chemicals will change color, but for baby skin no stimulation, no damage.

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