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1. Office Clerk (Administrative Assistant) A number of name
    Requirements: master including Excel, Word, and PPT and other office software, college diploma. Work carefully and with a strong sense of responsibility. A driver's license is preferred. Wages 2000-4000 yuan, and another five insurance, meals and other benefits, every Sunday a day of rest.
2. The inspector (talent pool) several name 3-5 people
    Requirements: 20-30 years for women. Month trial period, after becoming quality inspector training and examination by reference to the official inspector wage wage, ie 2000-2500 yuan. Including room and board, the monthly days off allow 2-4 days.
3. Several machine operator name 3-5 people
Requirements: 25-40 years old, male. Married or have relevant work experience is preferred. Month trial period, wages 2500-5000 yuan. Including room and board, a monthly days off 4 days.
4. The number of names 3-5 Warehouse workers
   Requirements: 22-35 years old, college and higher education students or graduates with relevant experience is preferred. Month trial period, meals, welfare, wages 2000-3000 yuan per month to allow days off 4 days.

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